Rates & Rules

PVP "Rules"

We believe in free-for-all PVP without rules. We simply ask that there be no griefing (harassing players so much that they quit). We loosely enforce a 12 hour max rule for caging, imprisoning, handcuffing, etc for players. Excessive verbal abuse is considered griefing.

Cheating. glitching, exploiting the game in anyway will get you and very likely your whole tribe perma-banned. No appeals will be heard.


  • 20x XP, Taming, Breeding
  • 8x Gather
  • 2x Harvest Health
  • (essentially making harvest 16x)
  • Wild Dino Level max: 200
  • Player levels: 150
  • Dino levels (after tame): 100
  • Structure Resistance: 6x vanilla

Structure Decay

  • Thatch: 4 days (6 days auto-demolish)
  • Wood: 8 days (12 days auto-demolish)
  • Stone: 12 days (18 days auto-demolish)
  • Metal: 16 days (24 days auto-demolish)
  • Tek: 20 days (30 days auto-demolish)